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Why go to Electronic Signatures?

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

Manually signing paper-based forms, documents and contracts can expose your organisation to several risks and unnecessary costs.

Examples from our contract review consultancy work include:

  • Not being able to identify the signatory

  • Not being able to identify the witnesses

  • No supporting documentation as to the authority to sign

  • Not signing or initialing where necessary

  • Unsigned or partly signed

  • Missing pages and annexures

  • Lost or misplaced documents

  • Fraudulent signatures

Manually signing paper based documents is inefficient, takes time, is cumbersome and often lacks prescribed enforceable processes.

Using digital signatures, your organisation can go a long way towards mitigating these risks, while simultaneously making the signing process easier, quicker and more robust. From supply chain to sales and corporate contracts, from account openings to invoices, legal documents are everywhere.

Realyst Signatures allows you to electronically sign from anywhere in the world, and within minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Let’s take a moment to think about the paper-based process:

1. Receive or prepare document or contract

2. Print copies for review

3. Print copies for signature

4. Signatory and two witnesses meet to “wet” sign

5. Scan and send to other party, courier

6. Other party prints or receives documents

7. Signatories and two witnesses meet to “wet” sign

8. Scan and email

9. Courier one copy original

How long does each above process take? Weeks?

So lets rather ask this question: Why not go digital?

Approved to sign?

A few clicks from anywhere in the World where there is an internet connection.

What is your time worth?

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