Realyst™ Signatures

Quickly, easily and securely sign your contracts with Realyst™ Signatures, our e-signatures module that is designed to reduce friction and save time in your contracting processes.

Whether your organisation requires a simple click wrap solution or advanced digital signatures, we can tailor our product to suit your needs. This provides an opportunity to digitise and automate your business in a way that suits you, allowing your organisation to adjust to a new work environment as the world moves towards remote offices.

Realyst Signatures Offers Three Signature Solutions

Electronic Signatures

This is our standard and most popular version. An electronic signature can be used for the majority of documents and contracts an organisation is exposed to. Realyst Signatures uses two-way authentication for electronic signatures.

Digital Signatures

A digital signature is an electronic signature together with a certificate, issued by a CA (Certification Authority). This offering provides a higher level of security than an electronic signature. Realyst has partnered with Global Sign, a global certification authority.

Advanced Digital Signatures

This is a digital signature with user verification. Each users identity is required to be authenticated against the Home Affairs database. This includes biometric and ID verification.

Why Realyst Signatures?

All our signature solutions can be customized and white labelled

Each one is designed to be integrated into the organisations existing software, whether it’s Microsoft Office, Active Directory or a document management system.

Our clients have a choice

They have a choice of which signature solution or combination they wish to implement, allowing you to choose a solution that best suits your needs at the moment.

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Not only is our pricing competitive

Our support is also local and we offer onsite implementation.

Our team also develops and implements Contract Lifecycle Management

We provide the tools to automate contract drafting, storing, signing and management of contracts, allowing your implementation to grow as your business needs do.

Our Signature Solutions are easily integrated into RealContract, our contract lifecycle management software. Click here to learn more about RealContract.

If you’re ready to see if Realyst Signatures is the correct tool for your business to drive you forward towards secure, seamless digital signatures, book a demo with us today

A Client Testimonial

The Realyst Signature Solution was implemented in 2016 and we have since signed over 300 contracts via the system.

The value has undoubtable been  seen in time saving as it has become so much easier without having to print and provide the physical document to the signing parties.

The contracts can be very detailed, thick documents and we would then have per our processes or formalities need our signatories to sign/initial every page that can be up to +-100 pages sometimes.

Faster signing of contracts that can avoid contract outages and legal issues as well as cost saving in terms of paper not printed that is also an environmental best situation for our performance with purpose agenda.

 - A Global FMCG Corporation